Expanding frontiers and local consolidation

As 7Puentes is the Argentine company that leads the Big Data sector, we are continuing to consolidate in the American market. Founded 7 years ago by a group of friends and professionals in Engineering and Computer Science, we had opened new offices in Buenos Aires and incorporated new talent to our team, not only in core area but also in Design, Communications and Research.

“We are in a pivotal moment for the future and projection of 7Puentes: new customers, not only in Argentina but also in the United States, trust in the innovative spirit and technical capacity of our team. This represents a huge challenge for us and the obligation of always going for more, committing to, for example, the incorporation of new professionals from different disciplines to strengthen this sustained growth,” explains Carlos Lizarralde, CEO and founding partner of the company. “We have opened new offices and we travel periodically to the United States to visit our customers; we keep on opening doors and looking for new horizons and business opportunities.”

The proactivity and constant growth spirit of 7Puentes results in the attractive portfolio of customers that we hold today. Important companies like Lemon, Intel, Mercado Libre, Crimson Hexagon, lanacion.com, among others, find in our multidisciplinary team of talents a strategic ally in Big Data and Data Science.

“At local level, 7Puentes has a consolidated image: we are leaders and referents in Big Data.  Not satisfied enough with this, our restless spirit found in US a market with great potential and we focus and prepare to satisfy this country’s needs. Today we see the satisfactory results of this challenge, but we always go for more,” closes Lizarralde.